Okuizumo Rose Garden


We opened in 2004 as a rose garden which specializes in growing edible roses. Throughout the harvesting period of May to December, the rich fragrance of our signature red roses fill the air around the garden. We have set up a number of these rose gardens throughout the prefecture of Shimane as well. We are proud to provide a stable source of roses and the various products we make to specialty shops, restaurants, food and cosmetic manufacturers, medical care facilities, beauty salons, and hotels all over Japan.

What is Sahime

Sahime is the variety of rose we grow here at Okuizumo Rose Garden. This rose was bred by our company president to be edible, have large and thick petals, a rich sweet fragrance, a deep red color, and to be high in nutrients. The name Sahime derives from Izumo’s ancient text on the region’s culture and history called a Fudoki. In it, Sahime is a mountain the gods tied a rope to in order to pull the land and stretch Izumo into a larger region.

About our Products

Premium Sparkling Rose

The beautiful translucent red color and rich sweet fragrance is from using only the extracts from the Sahime rose. There are no artificial flavors or colors added to this soda. The carbonation is gentle and it also has a low sugar content, making it refreshing to drink. 

 Enjoy by chilling it and pouring it in a champagne glass. You can drink it as is or by adding a preferred choice of juice as well.

Rose Syrup

This is a natural rose syrup made only from Sahime with no added flavors or coloring. It has a rich sweet fragrance and a deep red color, but is still a very delicate tasting syrup. 

Enjoy by adding the syrup to yogurt, ice cream, cake, tea, and cocktails.

Rose Tea

This is a tea which uses only the petals of Sahime which were harvested early in the morning. Because we dry the petals immediately after harvesting them, it has a strong fragrance. The petals are also edible. 

Put 3 petals in a teacup, add boiled water and wait for about 2 minutes. The petals can also be used as decoration for sweets like cake.

Biography of the Company President

Company President:Atsushi Fukuma

Born in Oda City, Shimane Prefecture
Graduated Tokyo University of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture
Established Oda Ryokuchi Co., a landscaping business.
Starts research and development of roses
Establishes Okuizumo Rose Garden Ltd., and starts large scale production of edible roses
Increases the size of the company building, and the number of products
Receives certification for organic food products, and applying for the Good Agricultural Practice certification


Here at Okuizumo Rose Garden, we grow real roses without any pesticides and hope that our customers empathize with our efforts. We hope that by taking part in innovative but safe and sustainable agriculture, we can do our part in bettering local agriculture, environmental protection, economic development, and creating a better future for the next generation.